Artificial Intelligence to Beat Cancer

Hello All,

this is a blog on our cancer awareness campaign with Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society). As the executive director of the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute, I would like to raise awareness of cancer. I would also like to make everyone aware of the huge opportunities on using AI in diagnosing and treating cancer and therefore saving lives!

My father died of cancer, and after a long time of suffering, he finally succumbed to the disease. I believe that we can avoid many such situation by adequately using digital technologies and particular Artificial Intelligence for diagnosing and treating cancer.

My contribution and action: Over a period of about 14 days, I will cycle to the North Cape, and share my experience on a regular (possibly daily basis) here in this blog and on social media, such as Twitter.

I will also be in Almedalen to speak on how AI can solve cancer, please reach out to me if you are interested in this topic. 

We collaborate with the Swedish Cancer Foundation (Cancerfonden). Please donate any amount to this campaign with Swish or Credit Card. Please also share this blog widely on your social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin! Thank you.

Thank you!

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