Artificial Intelligence (AI) Redesigns the Future of Society and Economy

AI impacts our life, work, education, and communication. 

AI transforms technology towards societal and economic benefit and prosperity.

Artificial Intelligence AI

Making a system intelligent empowers your organization to lead this era of Artificial Intelligence.

Data Science DS

Do you have a lot of data and believe that it carries value, but you are unsure how to start?

Machine Learning ML

An integral part of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning -- the learning of patterns in data from different sources.


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Our belief is that the Public, Governments and Companies deserve Clarity on the topic of Artificial Intelligence


The Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) is a non-profit alliance of international experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related areas, including Machine Learning, Machine Perception, Natural Language Understanding, Robotics, Autonomous Planning, Distributed AI, AI in Ethics, AI in Law, in industry areas such as health, energy, retail, finance, transport, banking and accounting.